What is Shiatsu Massage?

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Shiatsu massage is a type of traditional Japanese massage therapy. Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese form of therapy. Shiatsu massage involves the therapist manipulating and kneading your body in different areas based on the condition. The goal is to ease tension and energize the body. You should know some of the basics about the origins of Shiatsu massage before getting started. This will help you to fully appreciate this relaxing treatment and determine if it’s right for your needs.

The first place to start understanding the history behind shiatsu massage is to understand what the word signifies. According to the Japanese Red Cross, Shiatsu is actually an abbreviation of “compression treatment” and was first developed by the Japanese in the 11th century. Shiatsu massages are carried out by therapists who employ fingers and thumb techniques to massage your body. The goal is to ease tension and boost energy, 대전출장 creating an atmosphere of relaxation and energy.

When the Japanese Red Cross started teaching this method to patients suffering from various illnesses, including stress-related ones The name “shiatsu treatment” was born. The treatment was later renamed the “Morihei Ueshiba Foundation.” Today, the ministry still exists and its headquarters are located in the Aomori Prefectural Temple. The most frequently used treatment for shiatsu is called “tsumei” or “down-skin technique.” It is administered by a licensed makiwara (methapist) whose career is focused on analyzing and treating patients suffering from various diseases.

Shiatsu treatment is performed by licensed and trained japanese Shiatsu practitioners who are also certified in acupressure and other forms of traditional medical practice. After receiving specific training from the health ministry of Japan, these therapists can administer the treatments themselves. You must complete your training with a certified makiwara in order to become certified and licensed therapist. You can complete a training course at an accredited japan shiatsu academy to become a Japanese Shiatsu practitioner. A reputable practitioner can teach you the healing art of Shiatsu from someone who has completed a shiatsu therapy course. There are private shiatsu therapists that provide private sessions.

Shiatsu treatment is based on the theory that there are energy pathways called meridians that run through the body. Each meridians is assigned a gatekeeper which limits the flow of qi. In this view the dysfunction of one meridian could cause the whole body to be affected. Shiatsu practitioners believe that Qi can be controlled through working on these energy pathways. This will result in a more healthy body. Shiatsu therapists believe that problems caused by qi manifest physically as the meridians will be blocked. This is how the anma can fix any anma, and treat the illness.

Shiatsu massage is different than traditional Chinese medicines in that it diagnoses the condition by locating the problem within the meridian. Traditional Chinese medicine treats diseases according to symptoms and signs and not on the root of the problem. Shiatsu treatment is focused on the root of the problem rather than treating symptoms. This kind of treatment is designed to restore balance between the five elements (earth water fire wood and metal) by using the right energy force.

Shiatsu therapy can be used in conjunction with acupressure or herbal medicine. Acupressure, which is a traditional Chinese medicine is used to ease muscle pain and stress and promote healing in the body. Because they don’t understand the movements that are used in Chinese medicine certain people practice Chinese Acupressure without seeing a Shiatsu therapist. Shiatsu can also be used to treat PMS-related aches and pains.

Through the instruction of Japanese practitioners like Suzuki Kensaku, Shiatsu was also introduced in western cultures. These teachers created a specific technique of massage therapy that they taught at a university known as the Tokyo Imperial University of Medicine. Today, a lot of Japanese practitioners still practice this traditional method of therapy.

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