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Lymphatic massage is one type of massage that emphasizes the lymphatic drainage process that is natural. It helps in removing debris and help bring the cell back to its core. In the initial line of defense against infections or toxins as well as other illnesses The lymphatic system is vital. Its main function is to create white blood cells, which shield your body from infections. The lymphatic systems could lead to ailments like pains or fevers.

The lymphatic system can be able to fulfill this role in its own way, however, it often requires guidance and assistance by massage therapists. It is therefore crucial that massage techniques be focused on lymphatic drainage technique to maximise the impact on the system. One form of therapy that is focused on lymphatic drainage is lymphatic massage therapy. The massage therapy concentrates on the reality that lymphatic drainage contributes to higher lymph flow. The body naturally eliminates the toxins and other waste through lymphatic massage therapy.

The lymphatic massage is also employed in the treatment of lymphedema. The term lymphedema means swelling of lymphatic fluids. The condition usually manifests within the vessels and tissues in the legs and arms. This condition can result from treatment with radiation, surgery or different diseases, such as diabetes multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

The Kuwait Sports Medicine Association conducted research that proved that lymphatic drainage has a superior efficacy over cellulite reduction. This study proved that lymphatic drainage to be extremely efficient in the reduction of cellulite. According to a separate study conducted at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, the effectiveness of massage therapy in decreasing cellulite was assessed among women with cellulite and those without. The findings showed that those who suffer from cellulite experienced notable reductions in fat in their thighs as well as subcutaneous fat. While the improvements were significant but the statistical power wasn’t as strong.

The benefits of lymph drainage massages are numerous. Massage can enhance the functioning of your lymphatic system and the immune system. It improves cardiovascular efficiency and balance of fluids. It’s known to enhance the skin’s elasticity and decrease swelling. Furthermore, it could boost blood circulation to the brain, and enhance functioning of the immune system.

There are three main techniques for manual lymphatic drainage utilized in the practice of this technique. First, the technique of superficial massage or Gliding Motion technique. In this technique, the massage therapist employs smooth circular movements to perform gliding movements. The second technique is the tapotement technique or percussion technique, wherein very hard pressurization is applied to affected areas. Another is shiatsu technique, where the massage is performed using the application of pressure from the fingers and thumbs to deeply within muscles.

The lymph fluid gets drained by the finger tips followed by removal via the palm or hand. The lymphatic system then gets brought back to its normal state by the elimination of fluids and tissues and the elimination of any accumulated fluid and toxins. This method can improve lymph flow, boost lymph drainage, and boost the flow of lymphatic fluid. Increased lymph flow helps reduce swelling and reduce discomfort. This procedure also assists with the removal of toxic waste products.

This technique came from the traditional Chinese medicine and used by the Chinese for a long time. A lot of massage therapists have integrated Chinese treatment in their massage treatments and many Asian clients are using this technique to help to speed up recovery from injuries and illnesses. Therapists have suggested that using this method of therapy could help treat a variety of chronic illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis, constipation, the heart, diabetes such as asthma, headaches cancers of the kidneys back pain, and sexual dysfunction, among others. Traditional Chinese medicine massage utilizes many methods such as vibration, friction, and tapping. The therapy does not only apply to just the fingers. It also is applicable to hands, elbows, shoulders and the back.

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