How to Add BB Codes On

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How to Add BB Codes On
[size=20]Must Remove any bbcode all ‘ * ‘ [/size]
*Inline Styling*
Bold: [*b]bold[*/b] [*strong]bold[*/strong]
Italic: [*i]italic[*/i] [*em]italic[*/em]
Underline: [*u]underline[*/u]
Strikeout:[*s]striked-out/strike-through[*/s] [*del]deleted[*/del]
Color (name): [*color color=”blue”]named blue[*/color]
Color (hex string): [*color color=”0000ff”]hex blue[*/color]
Color (hex number): [*color color=#00ff00]this is green instead of blue[*/color]
Center Text: [*center]center me[*/center]
Font Size: [*size size=10]10px font size[*/size]
Justify Alignment: [*justify]justify text[*/justify]
Left Alignment: [*left]left-aligned text[*/left]
Subscript: [*subscript]subscript text[*/subscript]
Superscript: [*superscript]superscript text[*/superscript]
Right Alignment: [*right]right-aligned text[*/right]
Reverse Text: [*reverse]reverse text[*/reverse] [*bdo]reverse text[*/bdo]

*Images, Links, and Embedded Content*

Email: [*email]text[*/email] [*email][*/email]
Freesound: [*freesound]ID[*/freesound] [*freesound=large]ID[*/freesound]
Gvideo: [*gvideo]ID[*/gvideo]
Image: [*img][*/img] [*img img=DCJTech Logo][*/img]
Url: [*url][*/url] [*url url=]DCJTech[*/url]
Vimeo: [*vimeo ]ID[*/vimeo]
Youtube: [*youtube ]ID[*/youtube]

*Quotes and Code*

Abbreviation: [*abbr title=”HyperText Markup Language”]HTML[*/abbr]
Cite: [*cite]Relevant source[*/cite]
Computer Code: [*code]function HelloWorld($greet = ‘World’) { return ‘Hello ‘.$greet } [*/code]
Keyboard Keys: [*kbd]Ctrl[*/kbd]+[*kbd]S[*/kbd] [*keyboard]Ctrl[*/keyboard]+[*keyboard]S[*/keyboard]
Quote: [*quote]KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid[*/quote]
Quote (NAME): [*quote quote=NAME]Life is what you make of it[*/quote] [*quote quote=”NAME”]Persistance is the main ingredient for success[*/quote]
Quote (author=NAME): [*quote author=NAME]Quitters never succeed, and successors never quit[*/quote] [*quote author=”Martin Jones”]Kissing arses is pointless. However, knowing whose arse to kiss and whose to kick and when is priceless.[*/quote]

*Lists and Tables*

Ordered Lists: [*ol][*li]Ordered-list[*/li][*/ol]
Unordered Lists: [*ul][*li]Unordered-list[*/li][*/ul]
Table: [*table]
Thead: [*thead]
Tbody: [*tbody]
Tfoot: [*tfoot]
th: [*th]
tr: [*tr]
td: [*td]

*Special Content*

Client IP: [*ip/]
Contents appear to registered users: [*user]This is a secret message[*/user]
Contents appear to non-registered users: [*guest]Login to see less ads and content hidden from guests. (CODE TO DISPLAY AD)[*/guest]
Horizontal Ruler (Line): [*hr/]

Extra BB COde:::

1. Link
<*a href=""><*/*a*>
Output :
2. Image
Spoiler: [*spoiler]Surprise![*/spoiler]
Spoiler (Named): [*spoiler spoiler=one plus one]is 10 (in binary)[*/spoiler]
Useragent: [*useragent/]

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